Diesel Generators: Why Should You Choose Yanmar Brand?

Blog | September 8th, 2016

A branded Yanmar diesel generator is a must-have fixture when reliable power generation tops a client’s features list, for essential applications demand nothing less than total product commitment. This is a brand that’s founded on dependability and authenticity, but why are these attributes so important? Well, it all begins with an application area and its need for a smooth-operating power supply.

Yanmar is Backed by Decades of Proven Performance

A marine-going ship is a prime example of the need for an enduring power source, an engine and electrical generator package that will work around-the-clock to power every primary system on the vessel. The diesel generators in this scenario, as exactingly designed by this leading manufacturer, are based on proven engine technology, an impeccable design profile that has been adopted by every major generator manufacturer. Globally recognized, the first reason for choosing the Yanmar brand is simply because this company is a leader and an engineering innovator, not a follower.

Delivering Maximum Life in Extreme Conditions

For a company that pioneered the early air-cooled diesel engine, a new breed of radiator-cooled machinery represents the next logical step in an ongoing evolutionary process. Each model fits challenging applications with utilitarian alacrity, so single-phase air-cooled engines are located at one end of the spectrum while military-grade three-phase equipment fills out the higher end of the catalogue. Additionally, large-capacity fuel tanks are on hand to extend run time, although an economical engine architecture also keeps fuel-sipping needs low.

Primary and Supplemental Power Champions

Dependable generators with extended power supply characteristics are popular as standby power supplies, say in a hospital or a military airbase, but these diesel generators go a step further by providing smoothly spawned electrical energy as a primary resource. Again, it’s the seagoing vessels and offshore oil rigs that benefit from this dawn-to-dusk performance feature. Finally, round-the-clock electrical generation should be possible in any environment where man works and lives, so these skid-mounted and housing-interred generators are built from robust materials, plus they’re durable due to a material design that emphasizes alloy-reinforced components. Engine pistons and alternator assemblies are particularly reinforced, in this manner.

Available on tubular skids and sealed bonnet housings, on wheels and on vibration-absorbing rubber blocks, the Yanmar design philosophy accounts for every possible environmental hazard while supplying an engine and alternator package that will excel as a quiet-operating power supply (primary or standby), one that can power mining complexes, ships, buildings, and many other important applications.

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