Enhance the Safety of Your Marine Vessel by Using Mareflex SOLAS Tapes

Blog | June 29th, 2022

Marine vessels should always be inspected to ensure that they remain safe in the waters. Failure to conduct this operation will only lead to disasters that can claim lives and destroy assets.

And while most marine vessels have already been checked, there are still instances where some of their components may suddenly break down. Pipes, for instance, may suddenly fail during the trip, which can lead to dangers when disregarded for a long time. Some notable causes of pipe failure include corrosion, abrasion, erosion, fatigue damage, improper alignment, expansion, and drastic temperature changes. To avoid pipe failures, owners of marine vessels should maintain them thoroughly.

Mareflex, fortunately, offers products that can help maintain the effectiveness of the pipes. Through specialised anti-spray tapes and sealing products, this manufacturer can surely be beneficial for the marine, offshore, and oil and gas industries.

An Overview of Mareflex SOLAS Tapes

If you currently use and manage a marine vessel, you should always equip yourself with Mareflex SOLAS tapes among other things to ensure your overall safety and protection.

What is great about the tapes is they comply with SOLAS standards, which is the most important convention regarding the safety of marine vessels like ships and boats. SOLAS, which is short for Safety of Life at Sea, aims to provide minimum standards for the construction and operation of ships, covering their stability, electrical installations, machinery, fire protection, and many more.

Mareflex SOLAS Tapes Main Features

To date, there are multiple types of Mareflex SOLAS tapes that you can maximise. Some of these types are as follows.

  • MF01 and MF02: The Mareflex MF02 and MF02 anti-splash tapes can be utilised for piping installations on your marine vessel. These products are designed to prevent pipeline installations from oil sprays, especially when placed and applied around pipe flanges and fittings. And with their resistance to high temperature and high pressure, they are also expected to be effective against hot surfaces, preventing them from causing a fire or explosion.
  • MF03 and MF04: The Marefllex MF03 and MF04 serve as the upgraded versions of MF01 and MF02 anti-splash tapes. One thing that has been improved with these products is their pressure resistance. By resisting up to 25 bars and 55 bars respectively, the MF03 and MF04 offerings from Mareflex can be effective in preventing leaks or sprays of pressurised fluids on hot surfaces.
  • MF30: The Mareflex MF30 self-adhesive hatch cover tape is intended to seal up metal hatch covers on carriage ships, preventing any water and other elements from damaging transported goods. This specific product is protected by polypropylene foil, making it beneficial for a lot of marine workers.
  • MF50: The Mareflex MF50 anti-leak silicone tape is significantly helpful during emergencies and all-purpose repairs. It can be utilised for leaking pipes and hoses. It can even be maximised on electrical components, cables, hand tools handles, and many more. The MF50 offering from Mareflex can withstand ultraviolet rays, fuel, water, oils, acids, and solvents.

To gain access to Mareflex products, you can contact us at Wildon Engineering.

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