Genuine Yanmar Spare Parts, and Other Marine Spare Parts and Equipment: Why Choose Us?

Blog | January 15th, 2019

When you require genuine Yanmar spare parts or other brands of marine spare parts and equipment, you may be at a loss as to where to turn for the most reliable service. We are here to explain why our company, Wildon Engineering, is the place to turn. Our company trades as Japan Marine Engineering or JME, and we carry not only Yanmar genuine parts but also other high quality brands, which we will cover in a bit more detail later. Next up, though, is a brief explanation about our company.

About JME

Japan Marine Engineering specialises in supplying spare parts and equipment to ship management companies, ship owners and various repair facilities throughout Australia and other locations worldwide. We have been in business since 1956. Over the years, we expanded by opening our Melbourne location in 1984 to offer sales and services to the industrial and marine sectors. Through all of our years in business, we have slowly built a reputation for reliable, practical and high-quality solutions with our clients. Our clients are such entities as the oil and gas industry, bulk cement vessels, FPSO projects, passenger vessels, RoRo vessels, general cargo vessels and more.

Examples of the Brands That We Carry

Yanmar – This Company is a leader in the fields of marine diesel engines that are sold in New Zealand and Australia. It offers power solutions, diesel generators, propulsion engines, compressors and spare parts. Here at JME, we are proud to state that we are one of their authorised dealers.

Mitsubishi Kakoki Kaisha – We also are an authorised parts supplier for Mitsubishi Kakoki Kaisha, which makes two series of Selfjectors, VOS ballast water treatment systems and other engineering products.

Kemel – The Kemel Company is the largest manufacturer of seals that are suitable for the marine market. Kemel provides seals that are ideal for both non-water and water lubricated applications.

Meson – Meson is another company that we are an authorised distributor for, and we offer its full line of valves.

Mareflex – In Australia, we are the authorised distributor for Mareflex Solas Marine Tape. The company provides three different types, including Antispray, Hatch Cover and Anti-Leak Silicone tapes. Each one has a specific use.

For further information about any of the products and services that we offer, contact us directly. We will discuss your product needs and issue you a quote upon request. Our company fulfils and ships orders in an accurate and a timely manner to ensure that you do not need to wait any longer than necessary.

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