Main Features and Applications of Mitsubishi Selfjectors

Blog | May 10th, 2022

A wide range of industries nowadays maximises almost similar machines in conducting their operations. One of the machines that industries use is an oil purifier.

Oil purifiers are machines that can remove water, oil contaminants, and other similar elements from oil, fuel, and other products. The main purpose of oil purifiers is to prolong the service life of the previously stated products, which are all significantly useful for industrial applications.

Many machine manufacturers have come up with varying versions of oil purifiers. But one company that has been notable for producing oil purifiers is Mitsubishi. Here are some of the features and applications of Mitsubishi’s own line of oil purifiers.

An Overview of Mitsubishi Selfjectors

Mitsubishi currently offers a wide range of machines to help industries carry out their operations successfully. One of their offerings is selfjectors. Selfjectors are oil purifiers that can remove water, sludge, and other elements from engine lubricants and other similar products. For more than a couple of decades, Mitsubishi has been offering these products to power generation plants, food processing buildings, and chemical properties.

Mitsubishi Selfjectors Main Features

Two series of selfjectors have been crafted by Mitsubishi.

The first one is the SJ-G (Genius) series, which are centrifugal disc type separators that can remove fine particulates without requiring stringent maintenance. SJ-G series can be utilised in purifying fuel and lubricating hydraulic oils of chemical, food processing, and pharmaceutical products. This series maximises a multi-display monitor panel with integrated detection and display functions, high-performance solids discharge mechanisms, a direct-coupled feed pump, a built-in discharge pump, MK-JET cleaner, and an advanced unit package.

The second one is the SJ-H (Hercules) series. These centrifugal disc type separators are compact offerings from Mitsubishi that can also offer enhanced fine particulate removal and improved output. Most products that are part of this series can be effective in purifying not only fuel oils and lubrication oils but also mineral oils. The capability of this series makes them great for industrial applications. What is great about the SJ-H series is they maximise a compact design for easier installation. They likewise have a rotating bowl and a gear pump for more effective purification.

Applications of Mitsubishi Selfjectors

The throughput of SJ-G (Genius) series products without optional equipment range from 1,150 to 14,600 L/H, while their motor output may range between 3.7 and 18.5 kW. The throughput of SJ-H (Hercules) series products, alternatively, may range between 1,400 to 22,500 L/H. Their motor output, ultimately, ranges between 5.5 and 22.0 kW.

All the features and capabilities of Mitsubishi selfjectors make them useful for a lot of applications. Some of their applications include purification of marine and generator engine fuel and lubricating oils, purification of waste engine oil, removal of fine solid matter from water, separation of fluid in chemical processes, purification of bone broth, and classification of bentonite, pigments, and resin slurry.

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