MAREFLEX SOLAS Marine Tape Uses and Applications

Blog | April 26th, 2018

Working in and around water can lead to a variety of issues rising to the forefront of the conversation in regards to proper maintenance. These conditions make even the simplest of projects, such as securing a leaking pipe, one that needs to be carefully measured and considered before action is taken. In such environments, it can be important for marine workers to have proper tools and equipment by their side. For today’s discussion, we are going to highlight the value and flexibility of the Mareflex SOLAS Marine Tape. In this conversation, we will go over the many uses of this special form of tape as well as the benefits of employing it in marine-like environments.

The Uses and Benefits of Mareflex SOLAS Marine Tape

When discussing working in or around the water we have to work with a very specific set of circumstances in mind. Our focus, first and foremost, must be on that of safety. Safety not only for the job we are doing but for the workers that are making the job happen. As such, Mareflex makes all of their marine tapes with SOLAS standards in mind. SOLAS stands for ‘Safety of Life at Sea’ and it is the foundation upon which Mareflex builds their products. With that introduction out of the way, let’s begin discussing the marine tape itself.

There are many iterations of the Mareflex Marine Tape available and they are all usable for different projects. Let’s go ahead and split this section into a few different subheadings so as to give a good summary of what each type of tape is qualified for and why you should consider using it for your marine-related projects.

1) MF-01 – Mareflex Antispray Tape.

This product is used often on and essential for any piping installations out at sea. Mareflex MF-01 anti-splashing tape is designed to help control leaking pipes and the difficult-to-control soil sprays that happen when leaks are apparent. MF-01 is fire-retardant and extremely adhesive.

2) MF-30 – Hatch Cover Tape.

The goal of the MF-30 Hatch Cover Tape is quite simple. When sealing up hatch covers on carriage ships, the goal is to prevent any leakage due to water or extreme weather. The MF-30 tape is designed to withstand all of the potential damage that comes with life at sea. Protected by polypropylene foil, this tape is essential for marine workers.

3) MF-50 – Anti-Leak Silicone Tape.

This tape rounds out our inspection as a self-fusing tape for use in emergency situations on leaking pipes and hoses as well as electrical components. Resistant to all manner of materials, the MF-50 allows for flexible problem-solving in situations that are hard to account for.

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