Meson Marine Valves and Fittings: Authorized Australian Distributor

Blog | March 29th, 2018

Harsh environments push marine vessels to their limits. Ordinarily, ship valves endure when seafaring conditions turn rough. Still, even out on a lake, freshwater spray can corrode an important valve. If that pipe stopper locks, the propulsion system could fail. Meson Marine Valves are tougher than generic marine valves and fittings. With that being said, let’s see why an authorized Australian distributor prefers the Meson brand.

Meet the Meson Difference: Valve Integrity 

Available in practically every ANSI, DIN, and JIS pressure class, these rugged valves resist briny water. Lake humidity and saltwater spray are hard elements to stop, but Meson valves and fitting are designed to meet such threats head-on. They’re made from marine-grade bronze, from forged steel and stainless steel. There’s even a range of angle-profiled nodular cast iron fittings. Equipped with this fatigue resistant alloy, stress cracking events are inhibited. Certain to carry any shipbound fluid load, we’re perhaps left wondering about the jobs these process-critical flow regulators do after they’re installed.

A Comprehensive Fluid Regulating Catalogue 

Fire hose valves are mounted at regular intervals within a large tanker. They’re flanged or threaded, fitted with a universal adapter, and always ready for use. Right there, after describing that emergency usage scenario, is where we define the key characteristic of this valve range. Yes, the fittings must operate reliably. If a hand falls on a gate valve or a storm flap, the hand wheel has to turn instantly, not after putting back-breaking effort into the task. It’s the same with fuel-constraining diaphragm valves, safety shut-offs, and pressure reducing units, valves that control hot steam. Manufactured from cast iron, bronze, and forged steel, every valve family member performs responsively and reliably.

Regulating Shipboard Lifeblood 

Fuel lines are threading their way past equipment blocks in the engine room. Hydraulic tubes are zipping along a wall to a workshop, where the pressurized gas powers groups of tools. A branching line heads below decks, perhaps making a beeline towards the generator starter. Then there’s cold water and super-heated steam, boilers, and power plants. Thanks to an authorized Australian distributor, Meson valves are safely regulating every pipe and hose. They contain aggressive chemicals and heat, endure when pressures climb high, and still have the power to spare. That reserve strength fights outer threats, including saltwater oxidization, casual impacts, and more.

High design tolerances and stringent material selection rules guide Meson valve and fittings production methods. Beyond these intrinsic engineering values, there are the straight and angled form factors that ensure straightforward installation, plus the calibrated and sealed assemblies that ensure dangerous pressures are properly handled.

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