Mitsubishi Sludge Busters for Sludge and Bilge Management on Ships

Blog | June 30th, 2020

Generally, sludge busters for sludge and bilge management is done to handle the sludge and bilge on board ships. Due to the different types of auxiliary machines used by the main engine, the processing of fuel oil would cause the development of sludge and bilge in engine room tanks and leakages brought by freshwater and seawater pumps, and coolers.  

Thankfully, there is such a thing as Mitsubishi Sludge Buster. It is an oil purifier that is able to meet the demands of modern seafaring such as limited crews and stricter sludge disposal protocols. A Mitsubishi Sludge Buster is a centrifugal separator that operates continuously for oil purification and sludge disposal. It stands out from the rest of its kind because it no longer utilises seal nor replacement water. It requires zero maintenance and no more major onboard overhauls. Below is a much clearer overview of Mitsubishi Sludge Busters for Sludge and Bilge Management on Ships.

Mitsubishi Sludge Buster Benefits and Key Features

Mitsubishi Sludge Buster is significantly reliable. Its entire machinery is mainly designed for closed operations spread out over a long time period. Aside from that, you can operate it with ease since it is designed to continuously function without the need for any adjustment. It also requires minimal to zero maintenance despite its capacity for long term usage. Due to its ease and convenience of use, it is considered as a labour-saving improvement among its counterparts. This is because only the sludge in the oil is being disposed, thus, you never have to eliminate and treat the waste oil as required by the traditional purifiers. Even with its high-performing capacity, it does not require much space. Its separation discs does the purifying work while being compact and space-saving in structure. Since the purified liquid is disposed by its built-in pump, there is no need to have a separate discharge pump. Aside from that, sludge and bilge is better handled since it is in a dehydrated state. Therefore, there is no need for a sludge tank, water and air pipes.

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