Product Features of Yanmar Diesel Engines that Makes it the Best in Marine Diesel Engines

Blog | April 17th, 2018

It began with a central engineering principle, a singular design goal. What’s the secret design policy we’re talking about in such cryptic terms? Quality, as if there was ever any doubt, is the core engineering attribute we’re referencing. Superior by design, dependable by virtue of their material builds, what product features shape these marine diesel engines? Well, scalable propulsion power seems like a good place to begin.

The Scalability Factor 

There’s a fuel-efficient Yanmar diesel engine for every occasion. Out on a bay, a light-duty 2YM15 powerplant propels a small craft across rough waters. Elsewhere, a sturdy 6EY17W propulsion system provides raw power to a larger vessel, one that can cross oceans. This is the all-encompassing Yanmar marine diesel engine family, a propulsion and power-generating group that has a solution to every boating configuration. Piston speeds and cylinder bores adapt in size and material strength to accommodate this gift for adaptability, as do the gearing systems and other power transmitting assemblies.

Superior Fuel Consumption 

Fuel efficiency, an essential feature for a machine that operates far from shore, is a primary design consideration when marine diesel engines are being manufactured. To solve this issue, Yanmar uses direct injection technology. More torque develops, the engine gains a fuel efficient edge, and responsive power is at hand at all times. However, injected power used to come at a cost. Higher emissions were the problem because of unburnt fuel. Thanks to that advanced engine architecture, plus the addition of a series of turbochargers and intercoolers, Yanmar marine engines power efficiently over the waves while they quietly cancel out toxic emissions.

Standard Marine Engine Features 

Of course, large engines of any type require special cooling mechanisms. This engine group is no exception. Heat exchanger cooling rules the equipment block so that the generated propulsion energy doesn’t produce excessive heat. Gear-driven cooling pumps keep all of those hard-working mechanical parts cool, all while an innovative clutch and gearing stage ensures smooth power transference. These features confound the minds of non-technical types, but they really are essential, with their snugly assembled profiles assuring the quiet and cool generation of high-performance cruising force, right across that bay and far into the open seas.

Thanks to these features, engine fuel efficiency is high, but not at the cost of a high-performance boating experience. Better yet, a promise of natural aspiration power catapults the Yanmar diesel engine group into a propulsion class that’s every bit as fuel efficient as it is torque-augmented. Finally, these engines scale beautifully, so larger cylinder bore sizes dovetail with larger gearing solutions to produce best-in-class marine propulsion.

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