Quality Marine Vessel Spare Parts from Japan Marine Assures Good Engine Operation and Reduced Expenses

Blog | September 25th, 2019

The dimensional inconsistencies separating non-genuine marine vessel parts from genuine spare parts are now so small, so seemingly negligible, that veteran engineers can no longer tell the difference between them. They look identical. Nevertheless, beyond those visual equivalencies, their performance characteristics rarely correspond. Simply put, although more expensive, vendor-approved engine spares last longer and perform better than their low-cost counterparts. That, in a nutshell, is why genuine marine engine spares are endorsed by Japan Marine.

Japan Marine Addresses the Parts Credibility Market

On land, unauthentic engine spares cause major issues, yet there are always options. A breakdown truck gets dispatched within minutes after an internal combustion glitch brings a vehicle to a limping halt. That’s not an option when a seagoing vessel is far from shore. Sure, a smaller boat, one that’s maybe in a lake or cruising a few kilometres from shore can call for help, but it could take days for a rescue ship to reach an ocean-faring ship, right? To address such distance-related challenges, ships stock critically important engine spares, which can be installed by an onboard engineer. Even if a boat is in dry dock, perhaps receiving an overhaul, the same need for parts authenticity must be supported. Engine operation concerns can never be trivialized. There’s no Plan B if a ship loses power at sea, after all, just a plaintive call for help, one that could occur during a storm or a hull breach.

Genuine Marine Spare Parts Guarantee a Hassle-Free Voyage

Synonymous with substandard quality, low-cost replacement components do fit and do install. However, there’s a chance of a finite threading issue or a half-millimetre wide ring gap. To compensate, some shoddy engineering shortcuts are employed to keep a propulsion system performing within acceptable operational tolerances. Now, though, there’s stress on the engine, or the power ratios are out of whack, or the engine lubrication pumps are compromised. As one system experience stress, the effect passes on, like a set of dominos are toppling. And all of this is happening because a non-genuine engine spare part was installed instead of a quality-assured genuine replacement component.

And the consequences amass. Because a low-cost engine spare is causing stress, other parts of the propulsion system begin to experience mechanical distress, too. Not only is the non-genuine component going to fail prematurely, the genuine parts it’s hooked into are now at risk. In support of the Japan Marine mission statement, the provision of branded, always genuine engine spares should consistently be promoted over outwardly identical, inauthentic replacement parts, which can neither be rated as cost-effective or long-term vessel support options.

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