Safeguarding Mariners: How Mareflex SOLAS Tapes Ensure Maritime Security

Blog | February 22nd, 2024

Mareflex SOLAS Tapes

Enhance maritime security with Mareflex SOLAS tapes. Available at Wildon Engineering, safeguard the lives of mariners in your vessel. Call +61 3 9555 5277

Many things can be done to achieve maritime safety, and one of them is by investing in Mareflex SOLAS tapes. Vessels often face a wide array of challenges on the water – from adverse weather conditions to potential collisions with other ships or obstacles. In these conditions, having reliable safety equipment in place can protect both the vessel and its crew. Mareflex SOLAS tapes are one essential safety feature that helps safeguard mariners and ensure maritime security.

Maximising Mareflex SOLAS Tapes

Mareflex GmbH is a specialist manufacturer of sealing products and safety tapes, helping marine, offshore, and oil and gas industries to carry out their operations efficiently and safely. One of the company’s offerings is the SOLAS tapes.

SOLAS reflective tapes, with model number FD1403, are considered to be the brightest marine tapes for rigid and non-rigid maritime substrates. They comply with various maritime standards and regulations, making them effective in life rafts, life buoys, life vests, and life boasts. They come in both adhesive and fabric-backed versions.

Mareflex SOLAS Tapes: Advantages

One of the primary advantages of Mareflex SOLAS tapes is enhanced visibility of key safety equipment and structures onboard vessels. They are available in colours that are highly visible even in low-light conditions or adverse weather. By applying SOLAS tapes to lifeboats, life rafts, lifebuoys, emergency exits, and other critical safety equipment, vessels can improve their detectability and ensure rapid identification during rescue operations or emergencies.

Additionally, Mareflex SOLAS tapes feature retroreflective properties that enhance their visibility at night or in low-visibility conditions. This reflective technology allows these tapes to reflect light from external sources like searchlights or radar to make them easily detectable from long distances.

Aside from marking safety equipment, these tapes from Mareflex can also generate guidance and demarcation markings onboard vessels. These markings can define safe pathways, indicate hazardous areas, and provide directional cues. SOLAS tapes can significantly improve navigation, reduce the risk of accidents, and enhance situational awareness onboard vessels.

Ultimately, Mareflex SOLAS tapes can withstand the harsh marine environment, including exposure to saltwater, water penetration, abrasion, UV radiation, and extreme temperatures. Constructed from durable materials and featuring weather-resistant adhesives, they can maintain their integrity and visibility even in the most challenging conditions, ensuring safety markings remain clearly visible throughout the lifespan of the vessel.

SOLAS Tapes: General Product Life

When you maximise Mareflex SOLAS tapes, you must utilise them one year from their shipment date. All rolls including partially used rolls must be stored in original packaging, tightly wound. They must also be stored in a clean, dry area and away from direct sunlight.

Mareflex SOLAS tapes, which you can purchase from us at Wildon Engineering, can easily safeguard mariners like you and ensure maritime security. By enhancing the visibility of safety equipment, providing clear guidance and demarcation markings, and withstanding the rigours of the marine environment, these tapes contribute to the overall safety and effectiveness of your vessel at sea.

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