Sustainable Marine Vessel Practices: Why Choose KEMEL Stern Tube Seals from Japan Marine Engineering

Blog | March 26th, 2021

Our oceans have so much traffic on them today with fishing vessels, oil tankers, cruise ships and other types of vessels traversing from destination to another. In fact, there is such a high amount of traffic that it is becoming more difficult to keep the water from being polluted, especially if the vessels are not equipped properly.

One of the most important pieces of equipment on these ocean-going vessels is by far the stern tube seal since it allows the propulsion shaft to spin continually without sea water seeping into the vessel. This type of seal must be durable and long-lasting and at the same time sustainable and environmentally-friendly. KEMEL stern tube seals fit this goal for a variety of reasons. We will be discussing their many attributes including their eco-friendliness in the following.

Sustainable KEMEL Stern Tube Seals and Its Features

Stern tubes are shaped in such a way as to allow the propulsion shaft to move through them unhindered. They contain the parts such as the tube, bearings, connection flanges, temperature-sensor pipes, stern tube seals, and some type of lubrication.

KEMEL offers the following types of stern tube seals:

Air Seal or AX: Air Seal or AX works by air passing through the chamber to then be released into the seawater. All draft changes are detected automatically in order to adjust the pressure to keep it at optimum levels. It is easy to maintain, highly reliable, offers low air consumption and contains special emergency measures. Uses KEMEL biodegradable oil or EAL, which makes this selection eco-friendly.

Compact Seal or CX/DXL: Compact Seal or CX/DX features a superior seal ring design that is made from extra durable material. Its chrome steel liner highly resists corrosion and abrasions along with the ability to be machined for refurbishment. Also, it has double security DX seals in case the #3 seal leaks the #3S one closes the necessary valve in the oil line. This uses the same biodegradable oil as the AX version and therefore, it is environmentally friendly.

KEMEL EVK: KEMEL EVK is one of the water-lubricated stern tube seals that this company offers to its clients. It has a simple design that provides superb sealing performance along with being resistant to shaft vibration. The way that the seal ring rotates prevents wear on the shaft sleeve. In addition, the shaft sleeve is covered with “Eagle Paint” to prevent corrosion. Parts are easy to replace, and this seal requires little maintenance. The shaft receives its lubrication from the sea water that passes through it.

EVK2RT:  EVK2RT is another water-lubricated seal that is just a bit more advanced than the EVK but provides the same reliable, low-maintenance performance.

As you can see from the above facts, the KEMEL stern tube seals are environmentally friendly due to the types of lubrication that each model uses. In case of a leak, the sea water will not suffer harm.


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