The Importance of Tank Cleaning Machines and Ventilation Equipment in the Shipping and Marine Industries

Blog | February 7th, 2020

Cleanliness and proper ventilation is as important in the shipping and marine industries as it is in other industries. Storage and cargo tanks need to be kept clear of contaminants to protect the contents from being tainted. Ventilation helps to maintain a correct temperature, to prevent odour transference between loads of cargo and to keep toxic fumes from accumulating and causing health issues for workers. Due to these facts, these industries heavily rely upon tank cleaning machines and ventilation equipment for cleaning and providing airflow to their vessels cargo and storage tanks. We discuss the advantages of using these machines and equipment in the following.

The Benefits of Tank Cleaning Machines

Machines for cleaning the tanks for the shipping and marine industries are utilised frequently by oil tankers, product tankers, offshore supply ships, dry bulk carriers, cruise ships, barges and more. The advantages of using these machines include:

• Eliminates workers entering into a confined space to clean. Entryways can be tricky to navigate, along with the rest of the tank to perform cleaning manually.

• Shipping and marine industries receive a superior cleaning job with pressure washers and other tank cleaning machines in comparison to a manual cleaning.

• Cleaning requires less time and labour. This frees workers up for other important tasks.

• Marine and shipping industries can either rent or purchase tank cleaning machines suitable for their specific needs. If cost is a factor, rental is more affordable than investing in their own machines not only in purchase price but also with maintenance costs.

• Tank cleaning machines efficiently remove all types of residues ranging from dirt and grime to oil and chemical residues.

The Reasons That Ventilation Equipment Is Important to the Shipping and Marine Industries

One serious problem that the marine and shipping industries face is how to ventilate their tanks and other cargo areas efficiently to prevent unwanted odours, to provide healthy air quality and to maintain goods at the proper temperature. Ventilation equipment is available in many styles, sizes, and types to ensure that these industries can locate and install the pieces that will fulfil their needs the best. When this equipment is installed correctly, it provides the following benefits:

• Supplies fresh air to tanks and cargo areas as well as circulates it.

• Prevents ship and cargo sweat.

• Removes the odour of the previous cargo.

• Prevents poisonous gases from building up.

• Rids the area of moisture and heat that is given off by certain types of cargo.

If you are in charge of a marine or shipping industry, do not underestimate the importance of tank cleaning machines and ventilation equipment. They keep the atmosphere of your ships clean and healthy as well as protect any cargo.

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