The Quality Environmental Performance of YANMAR Medium Speed Engines

Blog | March 13th, 2020

Today, pollution from marine diesel engines releasing hazardous emissions has hit an all-time high to where it is now a serious global problem. The International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships or MARPOL 73/78 along with its Annex VI regulates the release of the NOx emission levels into the atmosphere by a variety of ships. The level of approved emissions depends upon the size of the vessel and when it was built. Since the enactment of these regulations, technological solutions have been made to answer the limits. YANMAR is one of the companies providing quality environmental performance with their medium speed engines to help safeguard the earth’s atmosphere. The following offers some details about this company and its efforts.

IMO NOx and SOxEmmission Restrictions Are Stricter than Ever Before

The restrictions for SOx and NOx emissions by the International Maritime Organization or IMO are stricter at present than in past years. For example, the “Emission Control Areas” set forth by numerous countries, the fuel oil’s sulphur content should be 0.1 percent or lower as of 2015 and beyond. In fact, this regulation has been in effect throughout the EU since January 1, 2010. To answer this requirement, YANMAR EcoDiesel has changed over to low-sulfur fuels due to updates in its fuel and other systems.

YANMAR Also Is Adhering to the IMO Tier II Regulations

IMO has enacted Tier II regulations of NOx limits, and YANMAR is rising to the challenge with improved technology in combustion in its engines. Usually, when you reduce NOx emissions, both smoke generation and fuel consumption will increase, which negatively affects the environment along with your ability to manage the issue. The solution that YANMAR has come up with is its “ASSIGN Combustion System” that utilises the latest in technology. Along with this system, the company also uses a “High Pressure Miller Cycle System” to improve smoke generation and fuel consumption while lowering NOx emissions. Below, you will find a further explanation of both systems:

• Assign Combustion System – This system includes a staggered layout multi-hole nozzle to improve air utilization and achieve adequate total injection area. Also, this system’s air intake generates the ideal vortex flow in its combustion chamber to promote efficient air and fuel mixing.

• High Pressure Miller Cycle System includes Miller-type cam to lower air temperature prior to combustion, which decreases NOx emissions. In addition, this system contains a high-pressure ratio turbocharger to recover that pressure in the cylinder effectively to gain improved fuel consumption.

As evident in the above information, you can rely on YANMAR medium speed engines to provide you with quality environmental performance. Not only will this help you leave a lower carbon footprint, but it also brings you into compliance with all necessary regulations.

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