Understanding the Purpose and Benefits of KEMEL Stern Tube Seals

Blog | July 14th, 2022

A ship is made from numerous components that can help it operate and travel through the water without any issues. Some of these components can likewise assist others. One of the most vital components of a ship is the stern tube.

A Quick Overview of Stern Tube

The stern tube of a ship or marine vessel is a hollow-tube-like structure that houses the bearings, the seal boxes, and the propeller shaft. It is filled with grease, oil, or water, generating a barrier between the engine room inside the vessel and the water outside. This component can be found in the hull structure at the ship’s rear end.

The weight of the stern tube arrangement and the bearings is often handled by the stern frame and the internal framing of the marine vessel’s hull structure. Two bearings can be found inside the stern tube, designated to support the shaft’s unrestricted and smooth rotation.

Aside from stern bearings, the stern tube also maximises stern glands. These glands seal the space between the propeller shaft and the stern tube. They can be found at the forward end of the stern tube, preventing seawater from infiltrating the ship. They can also prevent oil leakage from the stern bearings into the sea and to the surroundings.

Maximising Stern Tube Seals

Oil and other types of lubricant inside the stern tube can only be retained with the help of stern tube seals. Stern tube seals are often found at each end of the stern tube, ensuring that any lubricant will only stay within the said component. As long as they work optimally, they can prevent the ship from causing damage to the marine environment and the engine chamber.

Now, one brand that offers quality stern tube seals for marine vessels is KEMEL.

KEMEL is a leading technology company that primarily contributes to the offshore and green power generation areas. With their continued commitment to the development of environmentally compatible products, the company has produced various types of stern tube seals to accommodate the needs of marine vessel owners.

Stern Tube Seals from KEMEL

Marine vessel owners can utilise two offerings from KEMEL. These offerings are oil-lubricated stern tube bushes and water-lubricated stern tube bearings.

Oil-lubricated stern tube bushes from KEMEL are made from cast iron lined with white metal. They are often rough turned on the outside. The bushes are then finish-machined on the others. These bushes undergo different assessments to ensure that they can perform reliably. These assessments include material tests of back metal, water pressure test, dimension inspection, surface inspection, and coherence test of lined materials.

As for KEMEL water-lubricated stern tube seals, they are grouped into two. The first one is the EVK-type water seal. This type of seal does not wear the propeller shaft sleeve. It can also be installed easily. The presence of the seal ring and the mating ring permits this type of seal to cope with complicated vibration and shaft deflection. The second group of these seals is the EVK2RT. The EVK2RT seal is known for its excellent wear resistance, enhanced operability, and ease of upgrade.

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