Yanmar Diesel Engines Technical Support and Spare Parts Supplier in Australia

Blog | February 14th, 2018

Yanmar diesel engines are intricate machines. A properly maintained engine, one that’s equipped with a newly purchased spare part, will perform without issue for many years. That’s a massively important statement. Remember, this world-renowned marine equipment portfolio includes some of the finest engines known to man. Each engine is loaded with features. You expect that quality and reliability, and you also expect a technical support department that emulates that enduring trait.

Genuine Yanmar Parts: Spare Parts in Australia 

Propulsion reliability is a fundamental requirement when a manned boat cuts free from Australia’s shore. Likewise, power generator trustworthiness is essential when that craft is coasting far. Given the industry-leading character of these authentic marine components, a list that references some of the key components could prove useful. Beginning with cylinder heads, let’s check out this bulleted list:

  • Yanmar cylinder heads
  • Starter relays
  • Fuel injection pumps
  • Gaskets and miscellaneous seals
  • Marine alternators
  • Waterproof cable harnesses
  • Sea water pump seal kits
  • Fuel filters
  • Engine rebuild and overhaul kits
  • For specific ordering information, look for the original part’s model and/or serial number.

Further Down the Line 

It’s the same when a larger vessel pulls into drydock for repairs. Granted, there’s a grey market out there, a less than reliable supply chain that sources generic components. At best, the universal replacement won’t fit well, or maybe it’ll break down after a month of sailing. At worst, the questionable component could impact the engine and create havoc within its inner workings. No, genuine parts are the only realistic option. With that notion in mind, always seek out an authorized distributor, someone who has the part or can get the part very quickly. That assurance should extend to cover the engine, the generator, pumps, and any other conceivable engine part, as marketed by Yanmar. After all, your ship’s Yanmar diesel engine is only as strong as its weakest component. Don’t let a substandard “grey” component into your vessel, not if you want to guarantee an absolutely safe and relaxing boating experience.

Here, at Wildon Engineering Pty. Ltd., we humbly but resolutely put our own company forward as your authorized spare parts distributor. Here in Australia, a continent that sees its fair share of grey market parts, the knowledge that you’re doing business with a Yanmar representative carries a great deal of weight. For your diesel engine or power generating needs, the genuine parts we distribute are made from durable metals and built to the most exacting standards. Simply put, they’re genuine Yanmar spare parts.

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