Yanmar Marine Engines Service and Overhauls: Hire Authorised Yanmar Service Agents

Blog | October 11th, 2019

Just as the right tool for the right job maxim has looked after mechanical systems for ages, so the same line of thinking has acted as guidance for branded machinery. Yanmar services, builders of some of the finest marine engines in existence today, have also adopted this wise piece of mechanically-inclined counsel. Short and to the point, they believe that their equipment should be overhauled by authorized service agents.

Overhaul Servicing is a High-Level Job

That’s a good point, the overhaul of a marine engine, of proprietary Yanmar technology, is not a task that can be lightly undertaken. Sure, the equipment is designed for easy maintenance. An engine room fitter can replace or clean a filter or an exposed component that has malfunctioned. That’s why vessels have rooms full of spares, it’s so that a ship can be stopped for a day while repair work is completed. Otherwise, what would be the point of taking an ocean-going ship hundreds of kilometres from port? However, drydock overhaul servicing is a completely different proposition. Carefully calibrated components need to be removed in a special order. Containing huge quantities of fluid pressure, as exerted by the diesel engine, preset amounts of tightening torque must then be applied as the engine parts are put back together after the overhaul. Clearly, this is a job for an authorized Yanmar service partner, not for a ship mechanic, no matter how skilled this individual happens to be.

Unique Yanmar-Branded Engine Systems

Did you know that Yanmar authorized engineers are expected to travel the globe? They’re so experienced, so uniquely qualified, that they’re naturally in high demand. If a marine service overhaul is proposed on the other side of the globe, one of these individuals will invariably catch the next flight out of town. On arriving at the drydock shed, the Yanmar service agent acts as a company representative, as someone who knows every seal location and engine architecture blueprint. Torque tightening values are known, as are the parts removal sequences that will effectively tear down an incredibly intricate piece of high-fidelity equipment. Essentially, that marine engineering specialist is there to assure full system operability, right to the end of the engines predicted life.

In order to guarantee top condition running, free of performance inefficiencies and mechanical drive irregularities, Yanmar executives have encouraged the employment of authorized engine engineers. These company endorsed professionals know the generic workings of high-performance marine diesel engineers, plus they’re also well-versed in the tools and techniques it takes to overhaul a top-of-the-line Yanmar engine or generator. From a medium-sized yacht’s inboard engine to a two-metre tall freight-carrying vessels’ drive system, Yanmar-endorsed service agents can expertly diagnose and resolve the trickiest, most refurbish-resistant engine defects.

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