Yanmar Power Solutions: Low Cost Operations and Product Long Life

Blog | September 27th, 2018

There are vessels cruising shipping routes all over the globe. Locally, fishing boats and pleasure craft make their excursions closer to shore. Cutting sailboats out of the scene, every one of these vessels requires an engine, which needs a fuel source. Realistically, in this day and age, fuel efficiency matters. Leaving this opening statement hanging, one wonders how Yanmar power solutions can make a difference.

Yanmar Power Solutions 

There’s technology in solutions programs, plus a core set of assurances. Before all else, there’s the planetary issue, the realization that diesel and other fossil fuels are a limited resource. Next, vessel engines, whether they’re large or small, do impact the environment. On land, environmental damage tends to stay localized. Granted, pollutants can enter local water tables and river streams, but the damage still stays in the same area, relatively speaking. For the authors of the Yanmar Power Solutions ethos, though, marine engines should always run clean. Otherwise, the emissions thrown out by a diesel engine will range far and wide.

Low-Cost Operations 

On the deck and behind the cabin steering wheel, fuel efficiency is on the helmsman’s mind. Meanwhile, out on the ocean or lake, the emissions discharged by a damaged seal are causing harm. The ship’s owner or engine room chief solves both issues by sourcing Yanmar approved spare parts for the Yanmar engine that’s working full-out inside the craft. The parts are installed when the manual advises a service or a maintenance period, not when they wear down until a breakdown is inevitable. Being Yanmar-approved, the existing parts will last just as long as they were designed to, perhaps longer, but they’re not meant to function beyond their natural lifespan. Using low cost, high-quality, Yanmar-approved spare parts, the vessel, be it a small yacht or a massive ocean liner, will retain its fuel-efficient edge, plus its internationally enforced low emissions rating, just as long as they’re fitted in a timely manner.

Engineers don’t always think of their equipment as one massive piece of machinery. As for marine engineers, they’re of the same mind. Instead of seeing an engine, they see the different assemblies, the drive shafts and reciprocating cylinders, intercoolers and fuel injection turbines. They know that engine will operate at its very best as long as each of those parts is backed by an equally capable spare part. In Yanmar-regulated terms, shipboard running costs, expenses, fuel costs, and all, are kept consistently low as long as good quality spare parts are on hand. Incidentally, as a happy knock-on effect, the environment is enjoying the fruits of Yanmars’ Power Solutions programs.

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