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Blog | February 23rd, 2017

The city-at-sea aphorism we’ve described in previous articles brings the duties of onboard vessel equipment into sharp focus. These prime movers aren’t allowed the luxury of a land-based connection. There’s no electricity grid, no utility lines, and certainly no nearby maintenance shops. As a Yanmar products authorized distributor, we fully understand this seagoing setting. Indeed, we use that knowledge as a service, a means of keeping those prime movers perpetually in motion.

Engine and Generator Dependability 

The first duty of a Yanmar representative is to supply the right diesel generator, the best propulsion engines, and the finest spare parts. A resulting reliability factor then complements the operational parts to create a low-maintenance assemblage of cycling components. It’s a harmonious, efficient operational model, one that delivers a high-yield power transmission chain. In effect, the resulting unified engine and generator architecture consistently deliver high-performance output, a motive energy level that won’t falter or fail.

Compressor Performance 

Pressurized air is reliably stored in volume within a storage receiver while a Yanmar diesel engine drives the air compressor assembly. Back at the engine housing, a compact diesel power plant works in tandem with a turbocharger to provide pneumatic energy for several shipboard systems. The compressed air line serves as an auxiliary engine starter, a deck cleaning tool, and as a general-duty air supply. Heavy loads are natural here, as is heat. Again, the unit is built to work with long-term productively, but maintenance and repair are part of an air compressors design. Keep that reality in mind when stocking vendor-approved spare parts. Likely replacement components in this hard-working mechanism include filters, intercooler parts, and rubberized vibration isolators.

Establishing a Spare Parts Strategy 

Even the smallest damaged part can bring a massive generator to a grinding halt. We’ve heard of instances where thumb-sized electronic diodes have caused equipment to fail, so always have access to these inexpensive circuit components. Next, the rubberized seals and belts that endure under massive strain require a mention. These polymer-reinforced parts are made of robust engineering plastics and intelligently formulated synthetics, but they will wear out.

Finally, Yanmar accessories are built on a sliding scale, beginning with the tiniest fasteners and impact absorbing inserts. From here, the far end of the spare parts spectrum accommodates entire engine assemblies and wholesale generator stators. Let’s hope these larger-than-life equipment segments are never required, but they’ll always be available, on hand and ready for a deep sea voyage if the ship engineer and his team communicate the need to a nearby authorized distributor and supplier.

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