Yanmar Power Solutions

The need for engines to be more fuel efficient and conserve energy has become of utmost importance because of the rising overall cost of transportation.

Over many years, Yanmar has developed engines displaying excellent fuel economy and has actively promoted fuel conservation technology.

Research for ever safer operations continues at Yanmar’s large engines factory manufacturing division, a division that has reached countless global standards which attest to its world class quality.

YANMAR is developing all engines in harmony with the environment by reducing NOx, CO2, SOx and other emissions and taking antipollution measures.

YANMAR has pursued the continuous improvement of Life Cycle Value for the customer throughout a long product life by developing products that embody reliability, durability and low-cost operation.

LOW COST OPERATION: Good quality spares means good product life and reduces expenses. Good engine operation depends on the quality of parts used and not the price of the engines.

Low cost operation is an important factor when taking into account the running costs of the engine. Saving capital on long product life spares helps to contribute to reducing the operational costs of the engine.

Yanmar engines on-board vessels 30 years old are still in operation because of the quality of product and top class spares used in the engine.

Good quality spares, lesser breakdown/maintenance and longer running hours with less expenses.

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