Why Should You Choose Yanmar over Other Marine Diesel Engines?

December 7th, 2020

It began with a central engineering principle, a singular design goal. What’s the secret design policy we’re talking about in such cryptic terms? Quality, as if there was ever any doubt, is the core engineering attribute we’re referencing. Superior by design, dependable by virtue of their material builds, what product features shape these marine diesel […]

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The Impact of Covid-19 in the Marine Vessels and Why this is The Best Time for Drydock and Maintenance

November 30th, 2020

Following the COVID-19 pandemic and the negative impacts that it has brought, the shipping industry is facing a few challenges within the locally available precautionary measures, team changes, administrative inconsistencies, port, banner state inspections and specialised activities. Truth be told, Coronavirus episode has presented significant difficulties to each industry, as it is a totally new […]

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Three Reasons Why You Need a Reputable Marine Engineering and Equipment Supplier

November 9th, 2020

Massive engineering projects haven’t physically linked the continents, at least not yet, but a virtual bridge does connect distant international shores. It’s a water-borne overpass, one created by marine engineers and specialized equipment suppliers. Carried by ocean-going vessels and static platforms, the backbone of this metaphorical bridge is comprised of marine vessels and platforms, all […]

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The Importance of Yanmar Diesel Generators in Marine Vessels

October 23rd, 2020

On land, electrical generators are marginalised. They’re important, of course, but mostly as “backup” devices because landlocked structures have access to grid-connected power. Marine vessels don’t connect to this landlocked convenience, so diesel generators are used instead as primary power providers. Below is the importance of Yanmar diesel generators in marine vessels. An Overview of […]

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The Benefits of Choosing Mitsubishi Selfjectors/ Oil Purifiers

October 13th, 2020

Generally, a selfjector is described as a mechanism that uses centrifugal force to separate oil from particulate matter. In effect, the fast-rotating device uses Newtonian physics as a dynamic purifying engine. It’s commonly used onboard large seagoing vessels, yet it’s also used in smaller maritime vessels and hydraulic systems. The Mitsubishi Group manufacture’s some of […]

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