Marine Vessel Spare Parts: Australian Global Supplier for Shipping Industries

Blog | July 10th, 2024

Marine Vessel Spare Parts

Wildon Engineering, Australia’s leading YANMAR distributor, supplies marine vessel spare parts to the global shipping and ship management industries.

As the authorized distributor of YANMAR spare parts for large-sized marine diesel engines and auxiliary generator engines in Australia and New Zealand, Wildon Engineering trading as Japan Marine Engineering is a leading provider of high-quality marine vessel spare parts to the shipping and fishing industries. We built a solid reputation over the years by offering practical solutions and exceptional customer service to its diverse client base.

Comprehensive Spare Parts and Equipment Solutions

In addition to YANMAR engines, Wildon Engineering trading as Japan Marine Engineering is the authorized distributor for several other renowned marine equipment brands, including:

•  KEMEL Stern Tube Seals (formerly known as Eagle Kobelco)

•  Mitsubishi K.K Purifier Separators

•  Meson Valves

•  Mareflex SOLAS Tapes

By offering a wide range of high-quality spare parts and equipment, we can provide comprehensive solutions to our clients, ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of marine vessels.

Beyond Australia and New Zealand: Global Reach

While we cater predominantly to the Australian shipping and fishing industries, we are also an importer and exporter, supplying high-quality YANMAR spare parts and other marine vessel parts and supplies to clients worldwide.

The Importance of Using Genuine Marine Vessel Spare Parts

In the marine environment, where salt, moisture, and constant motion put immense stress on equipment, only the best components will do. Our commitment to supplying authentic YANMAR parts gives vessel operators the peace of mind that comes with knowing their engines and generators are equipped with components designed specifically for their needs.

Finding the Right Marine Vessel Spare Parts

Our knowledgeable technical support team is here to assist you in finding the exact spare parts you need for your vessel. With our comprehensive understanding of YANMAR engines and the specific requirements of the Australian maritime sector, we can provide expert advice and ensure you get the right parts, fast.

Key Benefits of Choosing Wildon Engineering

•  Access to genuine YANMAR spare parts for large-sized marine diesel engines and auxiliary generators

•  Expertise in both commercial and fishing vessel requirements

•  Efficient import/export capabilities for global service

•  Comprehensive inventory to minimise downtime

•  Local support backed by international resources

•  Deep understanding of Australian and New Zealand maritime needs

Our company’s commitment to excellence extends beyond merely supplying parts. We take pride in providing expert advice and support to our customers.

Partner with Japan Marine Engineering for Your Marine Vessel Spare Parts Needs

Don’t wait for a breakdown to disrupt your operations. By keeping a well-stocked inventory of essential marine vessel spare parts, you can ensure your vessels stay operational and contribute to the continued success of the Australian shipping industries.

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