Why Do You Need High-Quality and Efficient Yanmar Diesel Air Compressors?

Blog | May 10th, 2021

Compressed air is employed in countless specialist applications as a safe power source. The pneumatic force animates hand tools and painting equipment, then provides the impetus for electricity-free control systems, circuits that won’t spark or arc. If we’re to properly leverage this reliability factor, we’re going to need to study an elite member of the diesel-fueled air compressor family. Let’s do so by evaluating Yanmar diesel air compressors.

Power-Assured Reliability

At their core, Yanmar diesel air compressors are steadfast prime movers. The branded engines use diesel as a near maintenance-free fuel. That dependable chemical energy is then efficiently converted into mechanical momentum by an innovative fuel injection system. It’s this key performance and functionality-oriented configuration that enables the compressor package to work hassle-free in any challenging environment.

Efficient Electric-to-Mechanical Conversion Cycle

An innate high output power rating can be traced back to the electric starter, a feature that intelligently sidesteps rope-pull technology. Imagine the benefits of one finger starters. The pneumatic workload is liberated with one deliberate press, not a hefty tug at a fraying rope. Importantly, an emergency stop button is also provided for the convenience and protection of all working personnel. The smooth-running diesel engine requires an electrical power source for this function, but independent action is not compromised, not when power can be provided by an onboard 12-Volt battery.

Independent and Mobile

Choose either plinth-mounted housings or puncture-proof rubber wheels. Again, mobility is a major feature because of the diesel fuel tank and the onboard battery. That’s a compelling feature, one that serves the roving industrial applications that exist today. This feature applies to painting projects on marine vessels and to mining facilities, places where strong air streams can wipe away thick films of coal dust. The cast iron castings used in Yanmar manufactured gear reinforces this industrial usage requirement.

Establishing Autonomous Benefits

The long-stroke pump action and 5-micron filter provide clues as to where these Yanmar diesel air compressors are designed to function. Not surprisingly, labyrinthine mine chambers and isolated marine vessels immediately benefit from these maintenance-free features. Finally, enjoy 1000 kPa of pressurized pneumatic power, as generated by a speed-regulated and fuel-efficient diesel engine, for this level of carefully measured power productivity counts when mechanical energy is a finite resource.

The train of parts may begin with the convenience of an electrical Start/Stop controller, but it’s the reliable diesel engine, its fuel-sipping mechanical profile, that defines this branded air compressor family as the most reliable in any power class.


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