Essential Maintenance Checks on Yanmar Compressors

Blog | March 25th, 2019

Yanmar compressors are powerful prime movers. Just one glance at that illustrious brand name should really be enough to invoke a sense of mechanical reliability. Despite that richly deserved reputation, even an industry leading engine manufacturer can’t build a machine that’ll last forever. That’s something of an issue, albeit an unavoidable one. It turns out we can’t stop machines from aging, even Yanmar machines, although it is possible to extend their lifespans.

All about Multiple System Challenges

Dual energy machines can be hit from multiple directions, all at once. An electric generator is one example of this maxim in action. Generators can experience fuel and electrical problems, with a side of mechanical-related glitching thrown in just to make matters worse. And the same challenge can hamstring air compressors. Air filters clog, electrical sensors fail, and engine cylinders kick off a mistimed backfire. The more systems and subsystems present inside a machine, the more likely a failure becomes. That’s just a feature of any advanced engineering system.

Essential Maintenance Checks: Yanmar Compressors

All of the conventional systems checks are utilized. The air collecting cylinder is tested for leakages. If there’s fluid in the lines, the filters and air dryers are inspected. Remember, depending on the application, line moisture becomes either an inconvenience or a major obstacle. Keep all possible contrasting applications in mind when conducting a humidity test. As for the Yanmar engine, the heart of the air compacting best, oil and fuel level checks are, of course, mandatory. An engine to reciprocating piston linkage receives attention next. If this is a flexible drive belt, misalignment issues are possible. For cylinder slippage problems, the maintenance engineer needs to get in close and add tension to the belt. Fuel drain checks, cylinder compression and shaft stroke inspections, the tests escalate in complexity as the maintenance schedule permits

Let us slot this Yanmar air compressor into a specific spot, with its innards powering a marine vessels’ critical systems. In point of fact, some of these devices are lowly ranked. They power a secondary system, plus a few ship tools. For Yanmar compressors, expect the equipment to serve a more serious role. The motor-driven gear provides enough pneumatic impetus to start an auxiliary engine. Indeed, some compressors are employed as high-pressure breathing units. They cannot be allowed to breakdown, cannot be allowed to suffer a shortened lifespan. To counter such worrying issues, daily temperature checks and oil/fuel level inspections are conducted by knowledgeable maintenance personnel. Filters, clogging incidents and other potential issues are all identified and addressed predictably, not as an afterthought.

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