Mitsubishi Selfjectors: Features and Specifications

Blog | March 27th, 2020

In the world of centrifugal disc separators, the Mitsubishi Selfjectors are at the top of the list due to their quality design and performance. This is not difficult to believe once you learn that these have a long, illustrious history with sales of just short of 100,000 separators as of this date. The newest version of these separators is the Mitsubishi Selfjector Hercules or SJ-H series. It provides improved particle removal over its predecessor and is a bit more compact in design. As a result of Mitsubishi’s years of experience, this version also offers a higher output than previous models.

SJ-H Series Is Compatible with a Wide Range of Industrial Applications

Due to the fact that this series provides superior purification and reliability, the SJ-H is suitable for a wide assortment of industrial applications, such as the following:

• Purifies generator and marine engine lubrication and fuel oils
• Removes contaminants from waste engine oil
• Separates fluids, such as solvents and water, in chemical procedures
• Purifies bone broth by removing dregs and grease
• Helps with the classification of resin slurry, bentonite and pigments
• Removes fine solid particles from water-soluble coolants and oil from cleaning sewage or liquid waste
• Other applications

Types of the SJ-H Series of Selfjectors by Mitsubishi

There are the standard or H, HIDENS or HH, SUPER HIDENS versions of these Mitsubishi Selfjectors. Each version has its unique characteristic as we will discuss later.

Specific Features of the Latest in Mitsubishi Selfjectors

• A rotating bowl works via reliable pilot-valve setup.

• Both the H-HIDENS and SUPER HIDENS versions process low-grade fuel oils efficiently. They can purify low-grade fuel oils that have a density of up to 1.01 at 15-degrees C. While traditional processes for this measure the water content of the purified fuel oils, these versions can detect the water in the oil while it is in the bowl and prevent the purified oil and water from mixing at all.

• Helps you lessen your environmental impact.

• Higher pump discharge pressure for processing lightweight liquids in larger vessels.

• Compact design allows all three versions to take up less space

• Higher-capacity models are available for increased-output engines.

Specifications for Each Version for the Mitsubishi Selfjectors

The standard or H version comes with a water manifold solenoid valve setup and a multi-display monitor screen that shows leak detection, oil flow-through rate, flow-through temperature and discharge pressure. Optional add-ons include an auto control system, a starter, a butterfly valve, a steam or an electric oil heater and a cleaning table.

HIDENS or HH version contains water manifold solenoid valve setup, auto control system with programmable logic control and a multi-display monitor screen that shows leak detection, discharge pressure, oil flow-through rate, flow-through temperature, discharge rate and water amount. Options available are a starter, cleaning table, steam or electric oil heater and a butterfly valve.

SUPER HIDENS version works similar to the HH one does, but its pressure-sensor water detection setup utilises a unique automated valve in the top of the purifier that discharges the separated water from the rotating bowl. This removes the necessity for a main valve or cylinder.

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