The Main Purpose of Medium Speed Engine and Why You Should Get It from Yanmar

Blog | February 24th, 2022

Over the past few years, the engines used to power marine vessels have seen a lot of significant improvements. One of the improvements that they have gained is their marine power.

Before, marine engines were only limited to specific incremental marine power. But as technology advances, manufacturers have come up with various types of engines. Three types of engines that can be picked by marine vessel owners are low, medium, and high-speed engines. Some of the most notable differences among these engines are their rotations per minutes (RPM) values and associated parts.

One type of marine engine, however, that has been helpful for marine vessel owners is the medium-speed engine. Medium-speed engines boast qualities that make them beneficial to a lot of people.

An Overview of a Medium Speed Engine

A medium-speed engine is a type of engine that is normally maximised in marine vessels. This type of engine has a speed rating of up to the 800 RPM mark, which has become possible due to the existence of a drive-interfacing gear train and a trunk piston engine architecture. With this configuration, it can easily carry out a four-stroke diesel combustion cycle.

With its ability to carry out this specific combustion cycle, a medium speed engine is expected to operate satisfactorily on similar heavy oils often used for a slow speed engine. It can likewise generate effective scavenging, higher mean piston speed, reduced fuel consumption, and minimised inertia forces.

Main Benefits of Medium Speed Engine

For the last few decades, more and more owners of marine vessels have switched from low-speed engines to medium speed engines thanks to their accompanying benefits.

For one, medium-speed engines can effectively offer better power to weight ratio. They can likewise provide improved power to size ratio. Costs for power are also lower when utilised by marine vessels. They are even easy to install, maintain, and service. Other notable benefits of these engines include cost-effective, lightweight, high reliability, and high thermal efficiency.

Once medium-speed engines are installed, they can easily operate the generators of a marine vessel. They can even be integrated with a small-bore shaft so they can be converted into a propulsion engine.

Yanmar as Your Primary Engine Source

If you are looking for the best medium speed engines in the market today, you must opt for products made by Yanmar.

Over the last 100 years, Yanmar has adapted its operation and manufacturing processes to cater to the trends and demands of the market they are in. With this principle, Yanmar has successfully produced a complete line of variable medium speed marine propulsion solutions from 368-3,310 kW or 1,500-620 RPM. Their medium-speed engines are capable of handling operations of most commercial marine vessels out there.

What makes medium speed engines even more recommended for marine vessels is they are certified to meet IMO Tier II global emission standards. This specific feature makes the engines eco-friendly.

To purchase Yanmar medium speed engines, you can contact us at Japan Marine Engineering Co.

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